Below are a selection of horses which have been owned, ridden, or sourced by Abbervail Equestrian. 

Upona Z
Okehurst Abbervail
2007 Gelding
Cordoba VDL  x Chairlift
1m50 level

Sold to Maisie Drea, UK   
2009 Mare
Ustinov x Lambada van Berkenbroek
​1m50 level

Sold to Maria Isolauri, Finland

Godess Hero Z
Gorki de Kalech
2006 Gelding
Actionbreaker x Furioso
1m40 level

Sold to Rachel Udelson, USA

2011 Mare
Glasgow VH Merelsnest x Heartbreaker

Sold to Emily Short, USA
A-Galicia Z
2011 Mare
Air Jordan x Carneval Drum
1m30 level

Sold to Jurg Notz, Switzerland
2010 Mare
Cassaro x Carthago
1m30 level

​Sold to the USA
Casco VH Scheefkasteel
Lapiti Polka Arouretta

2007 Gelding
Cassini x Kimball
1m40 level

Sold to Doga Karaduman, Turkey
2011 Mare
Der Sennaat x Grannus
​1m30 level

Sold to Stephanie Andries, Belgium 
Abbervail Billy
G Laloma Tagg
2011 Mare
Vleut x Quidam de Revel

Sold to Alan Waldman, USA

2010 Gelding
Billy Congo x Chairlift
​1m35 level

Sold to Helena Stormanns, UK
Voice van de Laarseheide
2012 Mare
Quaid x Satisfaction

Sold to Switzerland

2009 Mare
Vleut x Carthago
​1m35 level

Sold to Greece
2013 Gelding
Univers Theod x Indoctro

Sold to Switzerland

2010 Mare
Zirocco Blue x Hors La Loi
​1m35 level

Sold to Stephex, Belgium